Marine Doctor (Seafarers health expert system)

A system to make easier and more effective requests of medical advice from ships to onshore


Seafarers have come across a proper medical check-up before they entering into a vessel, but because of anomalies in marine life, there is always a constant risk of getting sick or experiencing injuries. In this case, the lack of health professionals onboard makes the situation even worse.  In general merchant ships do not have medical facilities on board. When seafarers got a sickness or accident, either the ship captain or the officers who are in charge will assist them, but these people do not have enough medical knowledge.

There is a constant advantage for expert systems and the internet of things (IoT) in particular. Expert systems help solve complex problems with human knowledge, and these systems can represent the human intelligence or commands of machine language. On the other hand, a person who is in charge of the healthcare onboard had limited medical knowledge and provide nominal medical support. 

To overcome this, we developed a Marine Doctor (MD) System that can facilitate telemedical services in an emergency. Sometimes, symptomatic information of pathology could hinder by a lack of medical expertise to ship captains or medical officers. In such a condition, the TMAS doctor cannot identify the exact medical condition of the seafarer. By digital healthcare equipment like SHES, an onshore doctor can access patient data without a problem.

A comprehensive analysis of seafarers’ medical issues that were conducted from medical records of patients assisted onboard ships by the International Radio Medical Centre (C.I.R.M.), Italy. In the first phase, the common pathologies that occurred onboard were analysed, later a detailed questionnaire for each medical problem was developed to provide precise symptomatic information to the onshore doctor.